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Sequencer Solutions

One of the problems with machine vision cameras is changing their parameters while the camera is acquiring. Typically, this requires stopping the acquisition, changing the parameters and restarting the acquisition. This can be time consuming when inspecting fast moving objects.

The Sequencer function solves this problem. It allows the user to define a series of feature sets that can be activated in sequence during acquisition. This allows the user to change some of the camera's parameters directly while the camera is in acquisition mode.

This is very useful in situations where it is necessary to change, for example, the exposure time of the image after each acquisition, for example when working with multiple lighting sources. It is not only the exposure time that can be managed in this way, but also the region of interest and the gain.

The Sequencer function can also be used in combination with the ITALA G. EL camera family, where the Sequencer can be used to control the behaviour of the liquid lens. This allows you to dynamically change the focus as the image is captured.

In this webinar we will take a closer look at the Sequencer feature, why it could be a useful addition to your application and how to set it up. We will then look at some examples of applications where the Sequencer feature might be of interest.


  • Introduction to the sequencer.
  • Advantages of its usage.
  • How to set the sequencer.
  • Possible applications.
  • Practical Example.

Free of charge

After the webinar, each participant will receive the training material consisting of the .pdf presentation and a private link to the video recording on Vimeo.

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