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What is an Opto Engineering® Roadshow?

A whole day dedicated to our customers with workshops, training and networking activities held in exclusive venues.

All of the Opto Engineering® experience at your disposal, completely free of charge.

You will see successful case histories from all around the world

Our Technical Support Specialists will be at your disposal with our live setups

You can bring a sample in order to test our products and find the right solution for your application

Opto Engineering® will share with you all the expertise acquired over the years to help you solve new applications more easily

You only need to contact your area manager

If you are not yet an Opto Engineering® customer please write to communication@opto-e.com

Indicate that your company manufactures machines or systems integrating a bundle of Opto Engineering® products

Contact your area manager and complete a brief questionnaire about the application you want to document

Pass the screening selections

Together with our tech support specialists, you will complete a detailed document about the application

Sign a photo and video release form

The interview script will be revised by Opto Engineering® Communication Department

Schedule a two-day video shoot in which the Opto Engineering® Staff will visit your company and film and interview your team about the application

Absolutely not

Opto Engineering® will take care of all the expenses for the video production and the communication campaign

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