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Agire i Valori

Agire i Valori

In 2023 we initiated a very deliberate and reasoned project dedicated to Corporate Values. In fact, after presenting the new values during a major company-wide event in September 2022, the need arose to explain how to act out the values in a practical way, in everyday business life. We imagined that the best way to explain a behavior was to put it on stage. Supported by the Teatro Magro of Mantua, we gave a new experience full of emotions, discoveries and feelings to all employees of the Mantua office.

The theater activity carried out as a group of twenty people lasting a whole morning for a series of four appointments, generated emotions and awareness among colleagues who do not always relate directly during the daily performance of their work. This experience was one of the most immersive and totalizing ever, so we decided to share it by giving voice to the very people involved.

Lights out and silence in the room...

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十二月 01, 2023